April 2, 2011

RC Plane build – Day 1: Feb 10, 2011

Posted in RC Air - Fun at 5:17 PM by rnori

Alright. So the RC bug bit me and there I started to test my skill set on making a foam plane.

Sorry – no pictures or videos yet… But soon may be…

By day one, the base wing is done and airfoils are glued in. All the time while I was working on this little project, I have my helper – My 5 year old DEV”.

After a painful 3 hours of cutting foam and assembling few pieces – he goes to me “Dad ! Is my plane ready yet ? I need to take it to VPK school tomorrow and fly it. …”

I have no words to say to my “MAHA-DUDE” and rather gave him a blank stare…LOL”

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