October 5, 2012

Oh-My! My! My! … Just completely forgot to add the new projects. Here we go…

Posted in RC Air - Fun at 9:56 PM by rnori

Here we go…

All the latest and greatest creations made to date…
Most of them flew well while some didn’t make it to skies yet.

They are:

Mini F-22 Raptor

Mini F-22 Raptor – $Tree Foam plane

Double Trouble BiPlane

$Tree – Double Trouble BiPlane

Delta Canard Jet

$Tree – Delta Canard Jet

Scale F22 Raptor EDF Jet

Scale F22 Raptor EDF Jet – $Tree Foam

Rutan LongEZ

Rutan LongEZ – $Tree Foam


Rutan Quickie

Rutan Quickie – Foam plane



Ligati Stratos – Foam plane

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