April 23, 2011

AURA – successful maiden flight

Posted in RC Air - Fun at 2:31 PM by rnori

Today is the day to remember in my life – Yes the day before EASTER holiday in Year 2011 is a good day in many ways.

The best being – AURA : My Scratch Built RC Plane had it’s maiden flight which is amazingly graceful and highly successful.

If a picture is worth thousand words, then how about a video of this flight ? – Check below.

After the maiden flight that lasted for about 4 minutes in the morning, I just snapped a quick shot – see below.


AURA - after maiden flight










Thanks to MAC, DENNY, AHMED and all others for helping me in this nice hobby.

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  1. Wicksell said,

    Amazing flight! Looked smooth and graceful in the sky….wow. Can’t wait to see th results after your modifications.

    You should do some more models!!!!

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