April 21, 2011

AURA Maiden flight – Take 1

Posted in RC Air - Fun at 5:17 PM by rnori

Hmnn… Obviously it didn’t happen the way as I wanted it to be.

With the help of my fellow pilots at the park – found that the Trust is not enough for the wing.

So the little AURA (In-fact it has about 420 Sq In of wing area), could n’t pick up altitude…

So couple of options were suggested:

  1. Replace the 6 x 4 prop with a 8 x 4 prop
  2. Replace the 1300 kv brushless motor with a 2300 kv brushless motor and so on…

Already replaced the prop – waiting for Weekend to come for a test flight.

Also placed the order for two 2300 brushless motors from hobbypartz.com along with a 30 amp ESC and they are on their way to my location today.

Hoping for the best and all I would say is to wait and see what is coming out of this …

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