April 2, 2011

RC Plane build – contd : April 2, 2011

Posted in RC Air - Fun at 6:21 PM by rnori

Who ever said “Life is cool when it is slow and easy” is definitely a wise man.

After a series of travels for 4 weeks – I assigned myself onto this project.

Charles from Charlieshobbies.com helped me with electronic connections and color packing tapes from fast-pack.com came in this week.

All it is left now is to install all electronics including battery, check CG and give some Character to my “AURA” (which is the name chosen for this Home Built Model).

Once CG is checked – Things left to do are:

  1. Check CG again and again
  2. Apply color packing tape and make this beauty – beautiful and graceful
  3. Connect Battery & Receiver and all electronics as required
  4. Go out and do the maiden flight…

I will post the details on my maiden flight in a week or two based on my quick To-Do list noted above.

Go out and have fun now.

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