April 2, 2011

RC Plane build – Day 20: March 1, 2011

Posted in RC Air - Fun at 6:07 PM by rnori

Hmnn… What was I doing not getting this plane to Fly ?

It is almost day 20 plus but still there were some operational delays. Well if Boeing cannot avoid them – a small fellow like me obviously cannot either.

But now  it all looks good and we are back on track. Thanks to Servos from HobbyPartz and the Orange 2.4 GHz receiver from Hobby King (Hong Kong warehouse) I am finally in possession of all nuts and bolts to get this going.

Here is the final version of the kit with servos installed. I will try give an update again once maiden flight is done (soon to come).

Aither - With Servos installed

AURA - With Servos installed

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  1. Wicksell said,

    Wow. looking great. So close to seeing this baby fly! can’t wait.

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