April 2, 2011

RC Plane build – Day 10: Feb 20, 2011

Posted in RC Air - Fun at 5:51 PM by rnori

“Necessity is mother of Invention” said some one. And I say “Laziness is the father of the same” – LOL.

Well, now onto Day 10 – when I thought I was almost done with the build, I figured out that some thing is missing. The elevator and the rudder are there but the Motor and the mount are not to be found.

There we go – after an hour of research and thanks to “Dunkin Donuts” gift card (tell me about branding …) I have a motor mount and an extended tail fin.

Hope that once I get electronics done, this is IT fellows.. Almost there.
Got to wait and see… That is the only way out.

RC Foam Build with Motor Mount

AURA - RC Foam Build

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