February 2, 2012

Unveiling of “AURA BOXER”

Posted in RC Air - Fun at 10:30 AM by rnori

Hello All,

With the advent of New Year comes new zeal and new interest into Innovation.

Thanks to Interent and RC Groups – (www.rcgroups.com) there is ample supply of innovative ideas and this time the result is “AURA BOXER”

The plane is made out of Dollary tree foam (www.dollartree.com) with Color packing tape applied to it before being shaped to become a fuse and the wing. The wing was formed just by shear hand and it resembled a “Clark- Y” airfoil with flat bottom.

Fuse is a simple box – hence the name “BOXER” was chosen for the plane

The following are the specs for the beautiful bird:

  • Material is Dollar tree foam board – 2 sheets
  • Motor is 200 W 1400 KV from RC Timer (www.rctimer.com)
  • 30 AMP ESC from Hobby partz (www.hobbypartz.com)
  • 9g Dynam servos from Hobby partz (www.hobbypartz.com)
  • And miscellaneous hardware and tape from local hardware store.

The final build is impressive and with little down trim, the plane flies great. Very balanced and expected responses from an amatuer pilot like me.

The picture is shown below:


The best BOXER ever built