August 12, 2014

How to Setup and Fly a warbird (FW-190) by Vortrog @ RC Groups

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From Vortrog @ RC Groups

About FW-190

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I assume this will be your first flight of a tail-dragging war bird, so just some pointers for you with this model, as I was shitting myself with the first solo flight.

On takeoffs, please try to memorise this very good explanation.

Remember, right rudder is required along with about half elevator until it starts rolling, then you need to back off to 1/3 or less elevator as the plane lifts off. Once she starts lifting, remove the rudder and concentrate on getting her to a safe alt by slow ascent before struggling to find the gear switch and start trimming. If you rush to input too much throttle, you could be risking a rollover.

I would set a landing setting for your elevator DR (Dual Rate) switch.
So fly with 100% elevator DR, but switch to 80% Dual Rate with 30% Expo on your elevator for landings. The elevator is very twitchy and this will help reduce your first yoyo landing a hell of a lot. With practice, these settings are landing on easy mode. You will only need very slight elevator adjustments on approach if you are straight and level and let the throttle do the work.
I recommend flying at 50% DR on ailerons.

For landings, start approach at half throttle and tone it back little at a time as the plane coasts in. The throttle lands the plane, not the elevator. I never use flaps. Maybe one day I will, but it lands just fine without them. In fact, three point landings are pretty common for me so I don’t need to consider them and risk tip stalling.

Hope it goes well. I love this model sooo much hence why I am giving you these pointers. I
Lastly, don’t get complacent and keep it up high until you feel comfortable with its characteristics. She turns really sweet and low flyby’s are soo sexy.

Have fun :)