August 12, 2014

How to Setup and Fly a warbird (FW-190) by Vortrog @ RC Groups

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From Vortrog @ RC Groups

About FW-190

FW 190








I assume this will be your first flight of a tail-dragging war bird, so just some pointers for you with this model, as I was shitting myself with the first solo flight.

On takeoffs, please try to memorise this very good explanation.

Remember, right rudder is required along with about half elevator until it starts rolling, then you need to back off to 1/3 or less elevator as the plane lifts off. Once she starts lifting, remove the rudder and concentrate on getting her to a safe alt by slow ascent before struggling to find the gear switch and start trimming. If you rush to input too much throttle, you could be risking a rollover.

I would set a landing setting for your elevator DR (Dual Rate) switch.
So fly with 100% elevator DR, but switch to 80% Dual Rate with 30% Expo on your elevator for landings. The elevator is very twitchy and this will help reduce your first yoyo landing a hell of a lot. With practice, these settings are landing on easy mode. You will only need very slight elevator adjustments on approach if you are straight and level and let the throttle do the work.
I recommend flying at 50% DR on ailerons.

For landings, start approach at half throttle and tone it back little at a time as the plane coasts in. The throttle lands the plane, not the elevator. I never use flaps. Maybe one day I will, but it lands just fine without them. In fact, three point landings are pretty common for me so I don’t need to consider them and risk tip stalling.

Hope it goes well. I love this model sooo much hence why I am giving you these pointers. I
Lastly, don’t get complacent and keep it up high until you feel comfortable with its characteristics. She turns really sweet and low flyby’s are soo sexy.

Have fun :)

April 16, 2014

My Planes – at a glance

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Best STOL Bush plane

Best STOL Bush plane

German STOL Plane

German STOL Plane

Best EDF Jet

Best EDF Jet

Space Walker

Space Walker

Glassed Vampire EDF

Glassed Vampire EDF

AT6 Texan Warbird

AT6 Texan Warbird

GWS ME 262 Twin 64mm EDF Jet

GWS ME 262 Twin 64mm EDF Jet

Stinger 64 EDF

Stinger 64 EDF

Beaver STOL Plane

Beaver STOL Plane

Bob Cat Pusher 1500 mm wing span

Bob Cat Pusher 1500 mm wing span

Silver Vampire 70mm EDF

Silver Vampire 70mm EDF

Tough Jet - Best Jet

Tough Jet – Best Jetlanc

October 10, 2012

How to Check for CG Positions by doing a Dive Test !!!

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Hi there… I came across this amazing test with pictorials that help with CG Position and associated setup by doing a simple Dive Test.

See below for the details.


October 5, 2012

Oh-My! My! My! … Just completely forgot to add the new projects. Here we go…

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Here we go…

All the latest and greatest creations made to date…
Most of them flew well while some didn’t make it to skies yet.

They are:

Mini F-22 Raptor

Mini F-22 Raptor – $Tree Foam plane

Double Trouble BiPlane

$Tree – Double Trouble BiPlane

Delta Canard Jet

$Tree – Delta Canard Jet

Scale F22 Raptor EDF Jet

Scale F22 Raptor EDF Jet – $Tree Foam

Rutan LongEZ

Rutan LongEZ – $Tree Foam


Rutan Quickie

Rutan Quickie – Foam plane



Ligati Stratos – Foam plane

March 6, 2012

AURA Markee – The True High Wind Flyer

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With a little help from my 6 Year old – and a simple design came in this new High Wing Flyer – AURA MARKEE

In simple words, this is one of the best plane to learn Elevons and Fly in high winds at the same time.

It is indeed a very graceful flyer with no bad habits – Of course depends on the pilot though. {Chuckles :) }

The two pictures that show the top and bottom profiles of the plane are shown below.

AURA Markee - Top

AURA Markee – Top










AURA Markee-Bottom

AURA Markee-Bottom










Enjoy the design.


February 2, 2012

Unveiling of “AURA BOXER”

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Hello All,

With the advent of New Year comes new zeal and new interest into Innovation.

Thanks to Interent and RC Groups – ( there is ample supply of innovative ideas and this time the result is “AURA BOXER”

The plane is made out of Dollary tree foam ( with Color packing tape applied to it before being shaped to become a fuse and the wing. The wing was formed just by shear hand and it resembled a “Clark- Y” airfoil with flat bottom.

Fuse is a simple box – hence the name “BOXER” was chosen for the plane

The following are the specs for the beautiful bird:

  • Material is Dollar tree foam board – 2 sheets
  • Motor is 200 W 1400 KV from RC Timer (
  • 30 AMP ESC from Hobby partz (
  • 9g Dynam servos from Hobby partz (
  • And miscellaneous hardware and tape from local hardware store.

The final build is impressive and with little down trim, the plane flies great. Very balanced and expected responses from an amatuer pilot like me.

The picture is shown below:


The best BOXER ever built

October 4, 2011

AURA WING and AURA MINI – Twilight flights…

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View the videos and enjoy.

September 27, 2011


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After much deliberations on this excellent hobby, I decided that “Dollar Store Foam Board” is the way to go forward with all construction projects.
Like before, after couple of night out’s, playing with concepts in Cad, I am glad to come up with two simple wing concepts.

AURA MINI differs from AURA WING is the following ways:

  1. The MINI comes with a Rudder control while the WING has no Rudder at all.
  2. The MINI has a 90 degree flat nose cone while WING has 120 degree flat nose cone.
  3. The wing span on MINI is 24″ while WING comes with a 48″ wing span.
  4. Both these concepts use ELEVON controls (Elevator + Alerons) setup from my Spektrum DX6i Radio.
  5. Both these use 1600 KV 90 W motors and 1200 mah 11.1V 3S LiPo batteries.
  6. MINI comes with 5 x 5 prop for speed in mind while WING comes with 8 x 4 Prop for better thrust.

Enough said above, please see some nice pictures below of these beauties.

At the time of this post, MINI is my all time favorite with the way it flies, and I still need to do the maiden flight for WING.


MINI - Just assembled.


MINI after maiden flight

WING - Electronics exposed

WING - Colorful belly Ready for Maiden

April 23, 2011

AURA – successful maiden flight

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Today is the day to remember in my life – Yes the day before EASTER holiday in Year 2011 is a good day in many ways.

The best being – AURA : My Scratch Built RC Plane had it’s maiden flight which is amazingly graceful and highly successful.

If a picture is worth thousand words, then how about a video of this flight ? – Check below.

After the maiden flight that lasted for about 4 minutes in the morning, I just snapped a quick shot – see below.


AURA - after maiden flight










Thanks to MAC, DENNY, AHMED and all others for helping me in this nice hobby.

April 21, 2011

AURA Maiden flight – Take 1

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Hmnn… Obviously it didn’t happen the way as I wanted it to be.

With the help of my fellow pilots at the park – found that the Trust is not enough for the wing.

So the little AURA (In-fact it has about 420 Sq In of wing area), could n’t pick up altitude…

So couple of options were suggested:

  1. Replace the 6 x 4 prop with a 8 x 4 prop
  2. Replace the 1300 kv brushless motor with a 2300 kv brushless motor and so on…

Already replaced the prop – waiting for Weekend to come for a test flight.

Also placed the order for two 2300 brushless motors from along with a 30 amp ESC and they are on their way to my location today.

Hoping for the best and all I would say is to wait and see what is coming out of this …

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